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Our renovation of Regal Ware’s corporate office celebrates the brand’s invitation to return to, and celebrate, the “kitchen table.”  The corporate design industry sometimes applies blanket solutions based on current trends like the millennial mindset, or open workplace concept, regardless of corporate culture.

GROTH designers know that the proper mix of workspaces varies across industries, and more importantly, cultures. Understanding and then customizing spaces to support the need and style is the key to success.

For Regal Ware we created a centrally placed collaboration space built around the kitchen table. This helps divide the space into various zones to create a mix of open offices and collaboration spaces, private and formal collaboration spaces and comfortable break-out areas. Sprinkled throughout are places for various branding opportunities, product display areas and graphic celebrations of Regal Ware’s 100+ years in business.  Regal Ware desired collaboration spaces to foster free-flowing communication, yet felt increased productivity was best supported with a mix of options to best utilize space and noise preferences for varying levels of privacy and quiet.

Jennifer LackeOTB, Corporate