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Cedarburg School District Long-Range Master Plan | Cedarburg, WI

Capacity and utilization analyses performed by GROTH Design Group as part of the Long-Range Master Plan (LRMP) show the need for physical solutions to accompany current and future curriculum offerings at each Cedarburg School District building. Existing spaces are currently utilized at a level that virtually eliminates opportunities for future growth and additional class offerings.

The LRMP process includes a multi-faceted approach to assess the conditions of all the CSD buildings and educational programming to ensure the facilities align with current and future curriculum. As a key step in the LRMP, GROTH Design Group analyzed and synthesized input from more than 30 focus groups with over 485 attendees to develop options to satisfy the very limited capacity in order to adapt to increased enrollment and to address the current and future needs of teaching and learning.  For more information, please click here.