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Cross Lutheran Church | Milwaukee, WI

Cross Lutheran Church is an urban presence of ministry,  advocacy and outreach in the heart of Milwaukee. The congregation’s existing building houses the traditional church functions of worship, offices and education. But in the church basement is an active ministry of healing through food, health, learning and inspiration. The Bread of Healing Clinic, Food Pantry, Meal Program and  Clothing Pantry are all tightly packed into the existing church fellowship hall. The church ultimately hopes to incorporate community outreach through partnership with other neighborhood  programs.      

The goal on this tight urban site is to expand the church facilities so that the Bread of Healing Clinic can better fulfill its mission, so that church offices could be more present to patrons of the outreach programs and additional space could be provided for learning and spiritual fulfillment. The concept eventually incorporated rentable space for  local commercial enterprise that would help fund the addition.