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St. Mark's Episcopal Church | Tampa, FL

Saint Mark Episcopal Church, having embarked on a building project for a new facility desired a worship space that would capture the liturgical tradition of the Episcopal Church and the practices of the parish as well as envision new opportunities for ritual celebration.

GROTH Design Group reviewed architectural designs as well as material, color, layout and furnishings for the new liturgical spaces. The design is built in a new garden setting in the Northeast corner of Tampa. The parish selected garden symbolism for all the designs plus imagery from both the creation narrative and the Revelation of John’s description of the re-creation in the New Jerusalem.

The symbolism of the circle and square, images representing heaven and earth are overlaid throughout the design, the unity of the two being the place of Incarnation.

The Crucifix is a bronze image of a triumphant Christ, stepping from the wooden cross with outstretched, welcoming arms. The piece will hang beneath a bronze corona, a victor’s wreath replacing the traditional crown of thorns.