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St. Francis Borgia School | Cedarburg, WI

GROTH Design Group developed a master plan for a new K-8 school which includes the school, school additions and a potential new church. The architecture of the building is meant to complement the existing church, but give the building a sense of youth through the use of modern design elements.

The building houses a EC-8 two track school with approximately 500 students.  The design includes a gym, library, daycare, school offices and support functions. Additional funding during construction allowed for upgrades to the gymnasium/performance area to include a hardwood sports floor, improved acoustical treatments, theatrical lighting and sound, and more robust branding. 

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Resurrection Lutheran Church | Verona, WI

Phase I consisted of a new worship space for 195, gathering area, cry room, offices, meeting room, rest rooms, mechanical room, kitchen and drive-up passenger loading area. The building is placed towards the far and high side of the gently-sloping site, maximizing its visibility from the adjacent highway. Building materials were selected for their affordability and appropriateness to a rural setting.

The Phase II educational addition was undertaken with GROTH Design Group and preschool, music and youth program spaces were accommodated with an expansion.

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COA Early Childhood School | Milwaukee, WI

In partnership with the Burke Foundation, GROTH Design Group designed a new 12,000 SF early childhood center within the existing COA Golden Center on West Burleigh Street in Milwaukee. The facility serves children from 6 weeks old through school age. Specific spaces include infant, toddler and children's rooms, a gross motor room, staff planning/lounge, offices, classroom observation rooms, stroller and car seat parking area, and an outdoor play area.

Remodeling included approximately 6,400 square feet within an existing single-story gymnasium to provide two floors. The remainder of the existing building houses several other program areas, and the alteration work for the Early Childhood Center was coordinated to minimize disruption.

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St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and School | Oconomowoc, WI

With limited growth potential for church and school on their existing site, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and School purchased a new parcel of land in an undeveloped annex of the city. GROTH Design Group evaluated existing the existing facility and developed a conceptual plan for the new site to assist congregational leaders gain support in the congregation for relocating.

The school will feature preschool, K-5 classrooms and amenities, including cafeteria, stage, gym, library, specialty classrooms and offices. The day care/early childhood will house 90 children under four years of age. The cafeteria and gym both will be able to use the double sided stage for worship and school productions.

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