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Cedarburg School District Long-Range Master Plan | Cedarburg, WI

A capacity analysis performed by GROTH Design Group shows the need for physical solutions to accompany current and future curriculum offerings at each Cedarburg School District building. Existing spaces are currently utilized at a level that eliminates opportunities for future growth and additional class offerings.

GROTH Design Group is analyzing and synthesizing input from more than 20 focus groups to develop options to satisfy the very limited capacity in order to adapt to increased enrollment and to address the current and future needs of teaching and learning.  

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St. Lucas Lutheran School STEM Lab | Milwaukee, WI

This project creates a middle school STEM Lab which can be subdivided with glass overhead garage doors into a work area (with dust & fume removal systems) and a computer lab that can also serve as a regular classroom. Glass overhead doors provide flexible separation of the spaces while maintaining observation and supervision. The perimeter walls around the STEM rooms were extended above the ceilings to provide acoustical separation from the surrounding classrooms. 

The most visible aspect of this remodeling is the new window in the corridor wall that allows the STEM Lab to show-off its exciting curriculum to the younger students in the school.  Prominently located in this display window is the lab’s 3-D printer on a custom designed turntable to allow both access from within the lab and display to the rest of the school.



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Shoreland Lutheran High School | Somers, WI

The students of Shoreland Lutheran High School in are benefiting from the improvement of facilities to house space dedicated to the new STEM Academy.
Planning and design of the science wing expansion is intended to meet not only functional needs for classroom space, but the high expectations of parents and students for state of the art laboratory facilities and instructional technology. The project includes three spacious labs, additional classroom space, and an expanded SEE Center for individualized instruction and remedial assistance.

Success in achieving an effective design and completed project required extensive listening sessions with staff in order to ensure the performance objectives of each space were fully realized.

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