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Reinforcing Your Brand Through Interior Design – Creating a Sense of Belonging

A brand is more than a simple logo, name or tagline. It should be an entire experience that evokes emotion and belonging from staff and visitors. While a well-designed logo is great, a well thought out brand creates this distinctive experience for customers –an experience that should begin from the moment an individual steps through the company’s door.

“The majority of people (93%) believe a sense of belonging drives organizational performance.”

—Deloitte 2020 Human Capital Trends

Your brand is an extension of your services, products and culture and the interior selections throughout your space can be instrumental in setting the tone and tenor within your space. Details that enhance an overall experience in a space not only encompass finishes, furniture, and fixtures but include attention to design details that further communicate your brand, and products or services offered.

As employees return to the office, they’re craving reconnection with each other and their organization’s culture. Through interior design solutions to space can help focus on human connection and communicate shared values and a collective mission.

Extending your brand into your interior commercial space helps your clients and customers better relate to your mission and understand who you are and what makes you unique.

A successfully branded environment inspires and empowers people by connecting with them at an emotional level.  Ranging from an inspiring logo at the reception to a digital wall that shares an interactive story, physical brand experiences make an environment a powerful driver for organizational success.  Staff engagement, employee retention, revenue generation are all affected.

While your brand and mission can remain the same for a period of time, the interior design of your facility can continuously evolve with time, staying on trend, honoring current movements within the surrounding communities, all while continuing to reflect the core values of your brand.

Things to consider for branding your space:

REFLECT: A proactive starting point for branding the interior of your business space is to brainstorm descriptive words for your brand. Start by asking: Who are we?  What makes our business unique? These questions should help spark some great descriptive words. Your interior design team can use the descriptive words as inspiration to guide the selection process for materials to be used throughout your space.

INSPIRATION GATHERING: It is also a great idea to collect images that inspire your brand identity and how you want your space to feel. This could include images of colors, nature, graphics, words, photography, textures, and more. In many cases, your interior designer will incorporate some of these images into a “mood board” for the interior design concept. The mood board creates a cohesive visual of your brand for the consultants to carry throughout the space while also conveying a specific feeling or emotion within the space.

COMMUNICATE: To ensure the success of your branded space, clear communication with your consultants (architect, interior designer, brand agency, etc.) should be established early in the process. This will allow them to all be on the same and follow the same design direction with cohesive goals.

PRIORITIZE & BUDGET: It is important to consider your budget in advance. Think about what is most important to you and those that will be using the space and what a feasible budget is: Does the design need to remain simple with subtle branding elements in order to remain more economical? Can you afford to incorporate branding in more impactful and detailed ways that may cost more? Next, make a list of your priority items – the “needs” and “wants” of your interior design, so that your consultants can concentrate on how to best incorporate branding and other key elements.

FURNISHINGS: Furniture and fixtures are also an effective option to incorporate as statement pieces. Perhaps you want a stunning light fixture as you enter your space, or maybe you prefer the lighting be more subtle in order to emphasize the creativity and energy of the employees/products in the space. Colorful furniture can make a space more stimulating and energetic, while neutral furniture can portray a more sophisticated message.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to integrating your brand into the interior design of your business space. By working with professionals, and identifying the goals of your brand, a successful outcome is achievable.

GROTH Design Group looks forward to assisting your organization express their brand.

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