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Designing for Patient Care


Generating exceptional healthcare involves many factors.

We believe the built environment should support and enhance the healing of the mind and body of both patients, their family members and staff. Our collaborative and integrated team designs with compassion for the patient, family, and staff experience.

We constantly strive to advance healthcare delivery with innovative design solutions that optimize staff workflow, flexibility, increased efficiency, and provide plans for optimal equipment placement, all with a human-centric focus.

We focus on incorporating elements that humans innately seek to connect with in hope of fostering the tie between healing and the environment.

Our Healthcare Studio provides the following services:

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Healthcare Projects

Envision Surgery Center

Children's Hospital of WI - Mequon

Children’s Wisconsin – Mequon Clinic

Rogers Ladish Co. Foundation Center exterior

Rogers Ladish Co. Foundation Center

Super Clinic entrance

Aspirus Plover Hospital

Azura Memory Care | Brookfield, WI

Azura Memory Care – Brookfield

Envision Surgery Center specializes in Ophthalmology delivering exceptional care throughout the community. GROTH Design Group partnered with the surgery center to fully renovate the an existing facility.,
The Children’s Wisconsin – Forest Home Clinic was built to expand services to better serve the community and offers a number of pediatric care services.
The Family House includes 10 bedrooms, each with private bathrooms, and shared spaces such as a spacious kitchen and a well furnished living room and dining area.
This new assisted living and memory care community in Brookfield features four smaller homes on its grounds specializing in memory care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
This new memory care facility in Fox Point is a 102,700-square-foot, two-story CBRF with underground parking specializing in memory care for those with early to late-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
The Super Clinic project is an expansion of an existing two-story, 34,700 FS medical clinic with a new, two story 40,000 SF facility.

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