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We design for the human element to create spaces that connect people, are inviting and inclusive, comfortable and functional.

Through listening and collaboration, GROTH Design Group’s Hospitality Studio team gains insight into a client’s needs, how their business works and their definition of success. Through this insight, we work to reimagine spaces and establish ambiences that guests seek to revel in.

We create destinations where memories are created.

Our Hospitality Studio provides the following services:

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Hospitality Studio Director

Hospitality Studio Director

Hospitality Projects

Stone Creek Coffee exterior

Stone Creek Coffee

MobCraft Beer exterior

MobCraft Beer

Harbor House interior

Harbor House

Stone Creek re-purposed a 10-years-dormant corner into a lively destination for neighbors, university students, professionals and long-standing residents.
The modern and clean interior of this space matches the Owner’s focus on hospitality and making their customers feel welcome.
Spike Brewing Equipment is a nationally-recognized brewing equipment brand that needed a new building to call home.
GROTH Design Group designed spaces for several Orangetheory Fitness locations throughout Wisconsin that support their brand.
This complete renovation turned a former parking garage into a gateway to the transforming 5th Street streetscape in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point neighborhood.
Restauranteur Joe Bartolotta and philanthropist Michael Cudahy, acquired this aging restaurant and created one of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants located on the lakefront.

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