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High Performance Design That Inspires High Performing Students


Educational spaces continue to evolve, flexible and modular environments are essential to exceptional learning spaces that perform today, and into the future.

GROTH Design Group’s Education Studio focuses on student-centric designs that support authentic, meaningful, and unique learning styles. We are collaborative in our approach and know how to build consensus, while bringing in diverse stakeholders and actively listening to reach a unified vision. Our team understands the impact the built environment has on a student’s ability to learn and grow. We design learning spaces that empower students, and teachers, to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Five key aspects in education design that remain universal:

  • Health and Safety
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Access to Information – Presented and Researched
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking and Creativity

GROTH Design Group’s Education Studio designs spaces that inspire students to blaze their own trail into the future.

Our Education Studio provides the following services:

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Education Studio Director

Education Studio Director

Education Projects

Marquette University PA Program

Marquette University

Notre Dame De Pere exterior

Notre Dame of De Pere School

Cedarburg High School interior

Cedarburg High School

First Immanuel Lutheran interior

First Immanuel Lutheran School

The project includes worship space with seating for approximately 1,000, gathering space, fellowship hall, offices, kitchen and basement.
GROTH Design Group has worked on numerous projects under the Casa brand, including multiple daycare locations in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.
This 16,000 square foot school expansion houses a new gymnasium, conference spaces, school library and STEM classrooms.
Enhancing safety and security, learning and capacity, numerous improvements are planned for Cedarburg High School.
St. Jerome’s Parish plans included expansion into a multi-phase school and worship space to provide a larger and more efficient church and school.
Due to Southbrook’s dramatic growth, GROTH Design Group assisted with Master Planning for various expansion options.

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