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Architectural design with religious clients is about the people and the faith-based communities they serve.

A well-designed facility is the conduit to serve the ministries in a more personalized way. Founded by the son of a pastor, our firm has an intimate understanding of the religious sector and differentiated expertise to serve religious clients. We approach architectural design to deliver solutions that insightfully fulfill and exceed the needs of faith-based communities including liturgical excellence, ministry, community outreach, and social justice.

GROTH Design Group’s Religious Studio is led by Senior Liturgical Designer, Paul Barribeau. As a former pastor, and now a licensed architect and liturgical consultant, he sees religious architectural design through a unique lens. We know the needs of congregations and communities change over time as they minister to the ever-changing needs of our society. Our Religious Studio team works to understand the mission and vision of the church to design flexible spaces that support and enhance functionality and value for today and into the future. Our designs strive to seamlessly blend historic and traditional facilities with forward-thinking and renewed spaces that support the programming needs of the community, church and congregation.

Our Religious Studio provides the following services:

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Religious Studio Director

Religious Studio Director

Religious Projects

Shepherd of the Prairie exterior

Shepherd of the Prairie Lutheran Church

First Evangelical Lutheran

First Evangelical Lutheran Church

Lakeland Community Church

Lakeland Community Church

St Anne Catholic church

St. Anne Catholic Church

Recognizing a need to accommodate their growth with a long-term vision, Lakeland engaged GROTH Design Group to develop a solution to expand their space.
The St. Paul Lutheran School project involves the expansion and remodeling of the existing gymnasium totals approximately 9,700 square feet.
The Phase II educational addition was undertaken with GROTH Design Group and preschool, music and youth program spaces were accommodated with an expansion.
The project includes worship space with seating for approximately 1,000, gathering space, fellowship hall, offices, kitchen and basement.
The Master Plan provided by GROTH foresaw a new worship and worship support spaces, expansions to the school and a multi-use fellowship hall.
The building includes a 700-person worship space, hospitality and fellowship areas, office space, children’s ministry areas, and support spaces.

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