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Interior Design

The creation of positive environments through the selection of materials and finishes


Interior and architectural design are most successful when they are fully integrated, communicate the desired philosophy and personality and respond to specific programmatic requirements.

The creation of environments that are dynamic, reflective of both culture and values, and evoke positive emotions are best achieved when the architectural and interior design is cohesive. The selected materials and finishes in a space go far beyond an aesthetic level. Interiors are transformed by the materials, colors and textures placed within a space. These selected elements shape a space and set a tone for the environments where people gather, heal, socialize, work, learn and play. Our interiors team works to fully understand client needs and the spaces they design. Our team listens to understand client goals are and then translates ideas and needs into holistic visions.

Our Interior Design services include:

Do You Have a Vision in Mind?

With more than 25 years of designing and implementing unique solutions for a variety of clients, we have the experience to take on any project that comes our way. If you are interested in working with GROTH Design Group to bring your vision to life, connect with us today!


Azura Memory Care | Fox Point

Fox Point, WI

Designed for those with early to late-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the creation of a safe, inviting environment was essential to the facility’s success.