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Brookfield Lutheran Church

Brookfield, WI

Blessed with an engaging faith-based community the Brookfield Lutheran Church has continued to serve more in the community each year. Their mission, Connecting People to Life in Jesus, is a mission that is upheld through the many services offered from the staff and members of the church.

As programs and membership grew additional space was required to meet various needs.

This new 14,000 sf building offers a 500 seat contemporary worship space with vaulted ceilings and large cascading windows. The building offers flexibility to easily accommodate other events as well. In addition, the staff of Brookfield Lutheran now have a dedicated 5,400 sf Administration Wing that is adjoined to the main church. The staff works tirelessly to contribute to the community by equipping and supporting maturing Christians with a multitude of programs and services.  




Square Footage



Consensus Building
Full Architecture
Interior Design
Master Planning
Site Planning
Site Analysis
Space Planning

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