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Trinity Lutheran

The Hospitable Church I – Presence

An Invitation to Growth


Religious organizations use many means to attract, engage and retain new members. Many tools facilitate these goals, such as active evangelization, care and fellowship ministries, events and programming. When designed correctly, the religious building is another powerful tool for growth.

Church growth experts look to six key features for site and building design to significantly impact attracting visitors and new members.

  • Presence (see below)
  • Parking
  • Entry
  • Hospitality
  • Parenting
  • Worship Seating


How can people come, if they don’t know the church exists? The first step in bringing people in the door is to capture their attention and pique their interest. The church building provides a powerful presence within the fabric of the community.

Architecture – Create exquisite architecture and effective lighting to give the building animation in both day and night.

Landscaping – Include luxurious landscaping that provides an ever-changing display of nature throughout the year.

Art & Symbol – Provide powerful religious symbols, captivating glasswork or stunning art to command attention more powerfully than signage alone.

Signage – Convey useful information through carefully designed signage once the building has captured the attention of the public.



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