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Front desk of GDG Milwaukee office

GROTH Design Group Expands Milwaukee Office

GROTH Design Group’s office has expanded! We are excited to officially share that our firm expanded its Milwaukee office in the Walker’s Point neighborhood during December of last year. As we continue to settle in and stretch out our legs between Cedarburg and Milwaukee, we wanted to take a moment to share a tour of our new space and concept behind the office design.

Welcoming Entryway Honors Firm Ethos

GROTH Design Group is steadfastly committed to living out our firm’s principles of Listening, Leading, and Serving our clients. This ethos is intricately woven through the firm and provides a platform to serve far beyond our brick-and-mortar work. Our employees and visitors alike are grounded in this guiding ethos immediately upon entry into the Milwaukee office. The entryway was thoughtfully designed with clean lines that nod to these principals – perhaps most prominent is signage boasting Listen | Lead | Serve proudly displayed above the reception space.

The firm’s logo is embossed into the reception desk and punctuated in a striking statement wall welcoming the eye to look through to the office’s workspaces. Wood textures and tones throughout the entryway and office increase the office’s warmth and wayfinding. We think of our office space as the canvas for our client’s limitless visions, and therefore the office’s design is intentionally minimalist while retaining the characteristics of our firm’s culture.

Collaboration Spaces That Ignite Creativity

The success of our firm would not be possible without the collaboration of our expert staff of architects, project managers, facility planners, interior designers, and more. Collaborative spaces are central to the layout of the Milwaukee office, allowing for large forum brainstorming, thought sharing, and white boarding. Unique to the space is a centrally located circular conference room, which we warmly refer to as “The Can.” The Can’s telephone booth style allows for client calls or small-group meetings that may require privacy.

Our employees are encouraged to work wherever best fits their schedules and preferences, be it our Cedarburg or Milwaukee location. Designating commuter spaces – or “touchdown desks” – allow transient staffers to set up for the day or week and enjoy a change of pace and scenery.

You won’t find a sea of cubicles in our office, however private space is sometimes a requirement. Leadership offices are sanctioned with glass walls and soundproof sliding doors to retain a sense of openness and collaboration.

What’s Next for GROTH Design Group?

Whether our team members find their desks at our Cedarburg or Milwaukee location, we are all one team and (thanks to 2020) have integrated virtual collaboration tools into the way we bridge our locations together day-to-day. As we see our staff and client portfolio continue to grow, we are in a position to explore future office expansions into areas throughout Wisconsin to conveniently meet our clients where they are.


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