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St. Francis Borgia School

K-8 School | Cedarburg, WI

After completing a master plan that identified the needs for a new K8 school, additions and a potential new church, this school was designed and constructed to seamlessly blend with the existing church while providing 21 Century Education environments.

The building houses a K8 two-track school for over 500 students and includes a gym, library, daycare, school offices and support functions. Future expansions include additions at both wings of the school and a new cafeteria addition to the gym.

Classroom expansion will be possible at both wings of the school. A cafeteria is also planned as a future phase adjacent to the gym.




Square Footage



Design Development
Consensus Building
Construction Documents
Furniture Consultation
Full Architecture
Interior Design
Master Planning
Schematic Design
Site Planning
Site Analysis
Space Planning


Patcraft Award

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