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Marquette University Physician Assistant Studies Program | Milwaukee, WI

GROTH Design Group is the architect of record for this highly visible, 44,000-square-foot building on the northwest corner of W. Clybourn and N. 18th streets. 

The design features moveable walls and equipment in some areas, allowing students to work on simulated cases with students in other health-related specialties. Beyond its academic mission, the glassy, four-story facility will be welcoming and community-facing as the university begins to transform its Clybourn St. corridor. 

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Cedarburg School District Long-Range Master Plan | Cedarburg, WI

A capacity analysis performed by GROTH Design Group shows the need for physical solutions to accompany current and future curriculum offerings at each Cedarburg School District building. Existing spaces are currently utilized at a level that eliminates opportunities for future growth and additional class offerings.

GROTH Design Group is analyzing and synthesizing input from more than 20 focus groups to develop options to satisfy the very limited capacity in order to adapt to increased enrollment and to address the current and future needs of teaching and learning.  

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Believers in Christ Academy | Milwaukee, WI

This project is a new K-12 school plus separate new daycare facility starting a campus in Milwaukee for Believers In Christ Ministries. The property at 5325 North 84th Street is also anticipated to be the home for their new church building.

The single-track school building will be approximately 57,000 square feet, and the daycare will be about 5,500 square feet, accommodating infants through 3 year olds.

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St. Paul Lutheran School | Grafton, WI

The project involves the expansion and remodeling of the existing gymnasium. The building construction consists of concrete foundation walls and footings, concrete floor slab on grade with a wood athletic floor system, insulated precast concrete wall panels, steel joist and metal deck roof structure with rigid insulation and adhered membrane roofing. Site work includes grading, new concrete walks, seeding of disturbed turf areas and landscaping. 

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Concordia University Student Life Center | Mequon, WI

This renovation involved creating an expansive, open space for many different student activities, including congregating, eating and studying.  Multi-purpose space, new food and beverage vendors, computer lounge, gaming area, convenience store, and a television lounge were included.  

On the first floor new office spaces have been planned, allowing for the consolidation of all student services.  An area open to the lower level will allow activity to permeate and connect those on  both levels.  A new ballroom will allow the University to accommodate larger activities for both the students, administration and outside groups.  Both floors will incorporate new large restroom facilities to replace previously undersized facilities.

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Concordia University Center for Environmental Stewardship | Mequon, WI

The Concordia Center for Environmental Stewardship is located immediately adjacent to Lake Michigan’s shores this building provides a unique and unprecedented site for studying the lake shoreline and the Great Lakes watershed.

Looking beyond higher education the center will also provide environmental studies programs for local school groups and other members of the community. Focusing on responsible stewardship
of land, water, energy and materials, the Center has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification by the USGBC. 

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St. Francis Borgia School | Cedarburg, WI

GROTH Design Group developed a master plan for a new K-8 school which includes the school, school additions and a potential new church. The architecture of the building is meant to complement the existing church, but give the building a sense of youth through the use of modern design elements.

The building houses a EC-8 two track school with approximately 500 students.  The design includes a gym, library, daycare, school offices and support functions. Additional funding during construction allowed for upgrades to the gymnasium/performance area to include a hardwood sports floor, improved acoustical treatments, theatrical lighting and sound, and more robust branding. 

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COA Early Childhood School | Milwaukee, WI

In partnership with the Burke Foundation, GROTH Design Group designed a new 12,000 SF early childhood center within the existing COA Golden Center on West Burleigh Street in Milwaukee. The facility serves children from 6 weeks old through school age. Specific spaces include infant, toddler and children's rooms, a gross motor room, staff planning/lounge, offices, classroom observation rooms, stroller and car seat parking area, and an outdoor play area.

Remodeling included approximately 6,400 square feet within an existing single-story gymnasium to provide two floors. The remainder of the existing building houses several other program areas, and the alteration work for the Early Childhood Center was coordinated to minimize disruption.

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St. Jerome Parish School | Oconomowoc, WI

St. Jerome Parish School houses a K-8, two-track school with approximately 500 students. The design includes a gym, cafeteria, and library as well as all office and support functions.  It is arrayed to maximize solar gain during late autumn, winter, and early spring, while providing enhanced cross ventilation during warm weather. 

The design of the school building developed from a study of the site conditions and blends this rural setting with the neighboring residential and institutional properties. A natural wetland at the southeast and an engineered detention pond enhance onsite water retention and quality.  Ball fields for the church and school bring in families from the surrounding communities.

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Mount Mary University Signage | Milwaukee, WI

GROTH Design Group partnered with ZEBRADOG to deliver a comprehensive master plan and wayfinding program for the campus in Milwaukee, WI. 2013 marked both the 100 year anniversary of the school and the change from college to university. Exterior and interior sign families were developed for current and future implementation. 

In addition, campus wide visual and programmatic enhancements were developed for future consideration. Implemented features included major monument signage at entrances to the campus and major intersections near campus, and directional wayfinding campus markers between buildings. As shown above, the placement of the main monument and the landscaping design intentionally frame the view of the university.

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Cardinal Stritch / St. Francis of Assisi Chapel | Milwaukee, WI

The Cardinal Stritch University chapel accommodates approximately 150 people with wonderful natural-lighting and the architectural appeal appropriate for a Franciscan chapel.

To foster a sense of community, the space is oriented around a strong cross-axis. This layout provides a limited number of seats directly in front of the altar (appropriate for the more intimate typical daily mass), and sufficient seating on each side of the altar for larger events.

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St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and School | Oconomowoc, WI

With limited growth potential for church and school on their existing site, St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church and School purchased a new parcel of land in an undeveloped annex of the city. GROTH Design Group evaluated existing the existing facility and developed a conceptual plan for the new site to assist congregational leaders gain support in the congregation for relocating.

The school will feature preschool, K-5 classrooms and amenities, including cafeteria, stage, gym, library, specialty classrooms and offices. The day care/early childhood will house 90 children under four years of age. The cafeteria and gym both will be able to use the double sided stage for worship and school productions.

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Cardinal Stritch Library Information Commons | Milwaukee, WI

Three areas were improved as part of this effort. The first area includes remodeling of locker rooms to accommodate a larger team “chalk-talk” area, additional ADA-accessible toilet fixtures and individual shower areas.

The second area is a remodel of the first floor existing library to embrace a Library Information Commons concept. It provides students with a more flexible environment responding to current multi-media research options, different (and changing) individual and group study needs, improved circulation and research staff desk area, and integrates a small coffee-bar area.

Finally, the project addresses a pressing need for additional office space by converting a number of small, under-utilized spaces into staff offices.

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St. Lucas Lutheran School STEM Lab | Milwaukee, WI

This project creates a middle school STEM Lab which can be subdivided with glass overhead garage doors into a work area (with dust & fume removal systems) and a computer lab that can also serve as a regular classroom. Glass overhead doors provide flexible separation of the spaces while maintaining observation and supervision. The perimeter walls around the STEM rooms were extended above the ceilings to provide acoustical separation from the surrounding classrooms. 

The most visible aspect of this remodeling is the new window in the corridor wall that allows the STEM Lab to show-off its exciting curriculum to the younger students in the school.  Prominently located in this display window is the lab’s 3-D printer on a custom designed turntable to allow both access from within the lab and display to the rest of the school.



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Transcenter for Youth | Milwaukee, WI

Transcenter / Escuela Verde is a charter school designed for 100 students in grades 7 through 12.  The program is based on the “Edvision Project Based Learning Model” in which at-risk students work collaboratively in small groups and with an advisor.  Programming is designed to attract students interested in sustainability, student-led learning and restorative justice.  The mission of the school is to respond not only to academic progress, but the health of the whole child, and the community in which they live.

The project involved the adaptive reuse of a two story, 11,000 square foot aging and vacant warehouse in Milwaukee’s inner city.  Space use is highly flexible to provide for maximum opportunity to respond to changing program needs.

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