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Grace Lutheran Church | Grafton, WI

Previously at Grace Lutheran Church the entry to the worship space was also used as the gathering area. To create a separate space, Grace Lutheran Church partnered with GROTH Design Group to create a new gathering area and hospitality space. Also included in this project was the expansion of church offices and conference room area, as well as the high school youth space. 

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Cardinal Stritch / St. Francis of Assisi Chapel | Milwaukee, WI

The Cardinal Stritch University chapel accommodates approximately 150 people with wonderful natural-lighting and the architectural appeal appropriate for a Franciscan chapel.

To foster a sense of community, the space is oriented around a strong cross-axis. This layout provides a limited number of seats directly in front of the altar (appropriate for the more intimate typical daily mass), and sufficient seating on each side of the altar for larger events.

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Milwaukee Catholic Home Chapel | Milwaukee, WI

As Milwaukee Catholic Home was approaching its 100th anniversary, GROTH Design Group was engaged as a trusted partner to serve its people and leaders. Projects included: 

  • St. Anne’s Chapel Renovation
  • Dining Room Renovation
  • Lower Level Renovation 
  • Public Space Renovations
  • Astor Room
  • Hospitality Suite
  • Monument signs, building signage, and wayfinding signs 
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Southbrook Church | Franklin, WI

GROTH Design Group assisted Southbrook Church with Master Planning for various options. The $4.5-million Phase I project, completed in early 2016, expands the classroom, support, and fellowship spaces to address the needs of the highly-active congregation in a way that accommodates the worship environment of the gymnasium. It also sets the stage to support circulation and enhancement of fellowship activities once a larger new worship space is undertaken in Phase II.

The 23,600-square-foot Phase I addition blends with the architectural massing and materials of the original building, and provides a secure children’s check-in area, a multi-purpose room, a large meeting room, a café to serve fellowship needs, and a large fellowship area.

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St. Luke's Lutheran Church | Waukesha, WI

GROTH Design Group partnered with St. Luke’s Congregation to renovate their place of worship. The goals of the endeavour were to enhance liturgical celebration, support and encourage the arts and music programming in the space, keep current with changing technology, and create an inspiring and fresh aesthetic.

The design for the worship space recreated the chancel to be fully flexible for a variety of liturgies and programming. The platform is accessible to patrons of all physical abilities. The chancel backdrop attains the double task of masking audio-visual technology to support the liturgy and tempering the massive scale of the space. Natural lighting in the front is decreased and filtered. Windows for increased natural light are carved into the stone walls of the nave, and seating is redesigned for flexibility, accessibility and comfort.

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St. Gabriel Catholic Church | Hubertus, WI

GROTH Design Group worked closely with the parish to establish a Master Plan for the entire campus. Major programmatic areas included a new worship space, eucharistic chapel, parish center, offices, classrooms, gymnasium, library and kitchen.

Phase I of the campus features 24,500 square feet including a worship space to seat 850, reservation chapel, gathering, meeting rooms, offices and a fellowship hall. The worship space designed accommodates fan shaped seating, an immersion font and a full ambulatory with niches for shrines and statuary. 

A soaring central gable accentuates the hierarchy and relationship of the font, altar, cross and tabernacle. The exterior of the building utilizes natural materials including wood detailing and stone and brick cladding. 

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Christ Presbyterian Church | Madison, WI

Christ Presbyterian renovated nearly every square foot within the existing church facility and added new spaces to address concerns for neighborhood proclamation, invitation, welcoming, hospitality and community and member meeting spaces. The project renovation focused on the priorities and space needs set forth by the Church Visioning Team and includes space for children, youth & families, welcoming entry and gathering, M/E/P upgrades to current facilities, spaces for spiritual growth, provisions for traditional and contemporary worship and spaces of service to the community. Consideration of parking areas, site storm water, site lighting and artwork were also included.

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First Evangelical Lutheran Church | Lorain, OH

After their inner-city, historic church was destroyed by arson, the congregation of First Evangelical Lutheran decided to rebuild. The GROTH Design Group team was selected from a nationwide search for architects. The team employed visioning workshops and design charrettes to develop a Master Plan. 

The new church home provides a sanctuary for up to 300 people, offices, fellowship to seat 150 at tables, classroom and multi-use areas that allow for a community food program and sleeping areas for occasional homeless families. The design of kitchen and multi-use spaces solved a challenge of flexibility, safety, and adequate storage for the church’s outreach ministries. 

Also complex was the desire for the worship to be completely flexible for liturgy and music programming. The Chancel is movable with all flexible seating.  

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Shepherd of the Prairie Lutheran Church | Huntley, IL

In the course of GROTH Design Group’s visioning work with the congregation, it became clear that there was a strong desire for a permanent worship space as a first priority. GROTH Design Group realized the potential to make that feasible with a creative redesign of the overall Master Plan.

The new worship location is more convenient to existing and expanded parking; it allows the main gathering space entry to be visible from the road; and it opened the interior worship up to the local street - all critical components to promote growth. The addition doubles the seating of the former worship in a liturgically-designed new sanctuary, provides hospitality in a generous gathering space, creates new offices convenient to the entries and education spaces, including music rehearsal and expanded child care spaces. 

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Fox River Christian Church | Waukesha, WI

The challenge facing this popular non-denominational church was two-fold – how to accommodate a space for meaningful gathering before and after worship services that could also serve as an informal meeting space during the week to community members. The space also needed to be of visual interest from the county highway and give the church a new face to the community. The solution was to design a glass faced space that both feels open and welcoming while also creating distinct zones that are comfortable at the human scale. Elements such as a fireplace, waterwall, display areas, serving counters and furniture were utilized in the space to define gathering areas while maintaining a pathway to worship.

The multi-use space will serve as a third-place meeting option for church and community members. The space will allow Fox River Christian to expand its ministry opportunities throughout the week and create a better Sunday morning experience.

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Lakeland Community Church | Lake Geneva, WI

Recognizing a need to accommodate their growth with a long-term vision, Lakeland Community Church engaged GROTH Design Group to develop a master plan for the long-term vision on the site and develop Phase I design documents. 

The Phase I building program includes a new 1,000 person worship space, new gathering and fellowship addition, new office space, large drop-off canopies, and other support spaces. The master plan will expand their children’s ministry and additional support space. A design was developed that accommodates the existing site layout while providing a worship space that will meet their long-term vision.  

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Saint Paul | Davenport, IA

The scope of the project called for designing a new 750-900 seat Worship and Gathering addition onto a 1950’s Georgian style facility. A key focus for the addition project was providing presence and hospitality into the surrounding community. This is achieved through three design elements: a light-filled tower, an entry portico filled with doors and windows connecting the Gathering and Worship, and a glass-walled ambulatory on the south wall of the Worship.

The liturgical design fans the assembly seating 120 degrees. The chancel design houses a new altar, ambo and font. Adjacent to the chancel, a 1,000 sq. ft. platform suitable for choir and organ performance seats up to 120 musicians. 

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All Saints Catholic Church | Milwaukee, WI

The redesign of All Saints Catholic Church builds upon a need for the unified expression of a multi-faceted community. Several churches consolidated to form the parish. 

Worship space renovation required a creative collaboration of architectural design, interior color, fabric artistry, and technical expertise.  Both a corona housing speakers and lighting and a fabric canopy were designed to reduce the scale of the worship space.  Architectural pedestals for the stations of the cross helped support and enclose the centric seating. An explosion of color was unleashed in the space, animating an otherwise bland existing form and echoing the celebratory voice of the diverse worshipping community.

Remodeling of Gathering and Fellowship areas provided a similar breadth of color and texture for more invitational hospitality.  An elevator and ADA compliant rest rooms assures access to all people throughout the building.

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Cross Lutheran Church | Milwaukee, WI

Cross Lutheran Church is an urban presence of ministry,  advocacy and outreach in the heart of Milwaukee. The congregation’s existing building houses the traditional church functions of worship, offices and education. But in the church basement is an active ministry of healing through food, health, learning and inspiration. The Bread of Healing Clinic, Food Pantry, Meal Program and  Clothing Pantry are all tightly packed into the existing church fellowship hall. The church ultimately hopes to incorporate community outreach through partnership with other neighborhood  programs.      

The goal on this tight urban site is to expand the church facilities so that the Bread of Healing Clinic can better fulfill its mission, so that church offices could be more present to patrons of the outreach programs and additional space could be provided for learning and spiritual fulfillment. The concept eventually incorporated rentable space for  local commercial enterprise that would help fund the addition.

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St. Mark's Episcopal Church | Tampa, FL

Saint Mark Episcopal Church, having embarked on a building project for a new facility, desired a worship space that would capture the liturgical tradition of the Episcopal Church and the practices of the parish as well as envision new opportunities for ritual celebration.

GROTH Design Group reviewed architectural designs as well as material, color, layout and furnishings for the new liturgical spaces.

The design is built in a new garden setting in the No

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